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DISCOVER the connection between UNIVERSE, HEAVEN, EARTH & MAN REALM to build an EXTRAORDINARY life.

Xuan Kong Basics
Xuan Kong Da Gua
Xuan Kong Da Gua Date Selection
XKDG Spiritual Feng Shui (first time in the industry)


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New Program

Feng Shui Practitioner Coaching Program is our premier and elite coaching program. This is a 6 months limited seat program. It is limited to 12 7 students only. 
If you have a burning passion to make a difference in the world through Feng Shui, our Feng Shui Practitioner Coaching Program offers the perfect platform to elevate your skills and knowledge to professional levels. Designed for aspiring practitioners who dream of starting their own Feng Shui consultation business, this program provides comprehensive training, practical tools, and expert guidance to help you turn your passion into a thriving practice.


Feng Shui & Astrology FREE E-book

New Program

XUAN KONG FENG SHIU BASICS PROGRAM has been designed for both absolute beginners and intermediate Feng Shui enthusiasts seeking a comprehensive understanding of Xuan Kong principles. Whether you're taking your first steps into the world of Feng Shui or looking to deepen your knowledge, this program is tailored to meet you at your current level of expertise. It includes 8 Mansions, flying stars, basic qi men feng shui, qi men feng shui charts (period 6 to period 9).


Feng Shui & Astrology FREE E-book


Free online events hosted by Jayashree & Team TDR

Opening Night
Free Live Online Event 

21 March 7:00 Pm (+5.30 GMT)

Free Live Online Event 

28 February 2024
7 -Pm (+5.30 GMT)

ALIGN 2024
Feng Shui | Bazi | Qi Men

16, 17, 18, 19 November 2023

Feng Shui Courses

Gain practical feng shui knowledge  Apply it in your personal as well as professional life. 
You will be able to unravel the secret application techniques of xuan kong flying stars 玄空飛星, 8 mansions 八宅, feng shui date selection 择日, qi men feng shui 奇門风水 & external feng shui 三合派.
Short term & long term courses available.

Bazi Courses

Decode your life path and that of others by using bazi destiny analysis.
Know how to read a bazi chart systematically. Gain practical knowledge in understanding and using different stars in a bazi chart to a persons advantage.
 Both short term and long term courses available.

Qi Men Courses

Qi Men Dun Jia has many different applications - qi men date selection, qi men feng shui, qi men forecasting, qi men destiny analysis and spiritual qi men.  
Learn all of the above systematically and easily apply your knowledge.  
Short term and long term courses available.

Learn Anytime Anywhere!

All in one place

Learn Bazi 八字, Qi Men Dun Jia 奇門遁甲, Feng Shui 风水, Zeri 择日, Yi jing 易经 all under one roof. Know which tool to use when and how you can get better results.


You have the choice of starting with a small course to get the feel of the subject. You have the option of learning all subjects together at the same time or one at a time. 

Choose your course

Video and audio classes along with PDF notes make your learning process smooth. All questions are answered via email or 1 on 1 qna sessions.

Gain knowledge

Besides theory, all classes have case studies and practical application examples. This enables you to apply theory to practice as soon as you finish the course. 

Our Students Say

These are the words of various students who have taken various CM courses

Our Clients Say

Fabio Moressi

"Until now I have done the classes on Feng Shui, Ba Zi, Qi Men Dun Jia and Date Selection with Jayashree and her team, every time I have seen high quality, lots of information and a commitement to teach. So can say: always great classes, thank you very much"

Fita Ragoo

"The Qi Men program has been very enriching; The explanations and notes were concise and clear. Jayashree tailored the program so well that even a beginner like me could follow. "

Olivia Aw Yeong

"I love the way you teach different techniques of reading, tackle different problem solving and how you manage to give us all the information we might need using real world examples so we can then apply all the knowledge into any situation we might have. It connects all the dots and now it makes much more sense to me.  "

Robert Bašić

"Align 2023 was intense and packed with useful informations using a holistic approach to metaphysics.
Potential problems and  solutions are observed in all three planes of existence - Tian, Di, Ren (Heaven, Man, Earth) Such an approach enable an in-depth assessment of situations and cicumstances.
Congratulations to Jayashree and Team TDR for their excellent presentations."

Tian Di Ren Academy

Tian means heaven, Di means earth, Ren means Man. In Chinese five arts heaven studies (tian) relate to analyzing what you were born with, i.e. your destiny or bazi. Earth studies (di) relate to the environment or feng shui.  Ren relates to the actions and decisions of a person. To take the correct decision one can use bazi, qi men dun jia, yijing.
In Tian Di Ren Academy you will get the opportunity to learn all the above subjects.


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